School hall floor sanding and sealing and refurbishment

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School hall floor sanding and sealing and refurbish

School hall floor during sanding School hall floor after sanding and sealing


TPS are specialists in

  • Sanding and sealing school hall floors
  • Refurbishing school hall floors
  • Repairing school hall floors
  • Court marking school hall floors

Sanding and sealing your school hall floor as part of a full refurbish can make your school hall floor look as good as new but at a fraction of the cost, and with less waste of natural resources. In most cases there will be an excellent quality timber sports hall floor which can be refurbished by sanding and sealing. When sanding and sealing wood block and parquet floors special care needs to be taken to ensure a good finish is achieved and the blocks are not damaged or worked loose with heavy vibration from the sanders. We sand wood block floors in a particular combination of directions to ensure a smooth surface is achieved over all floor blocks whatever the direction of the grain and with special vibration damped sanders.

Many old wood school hall floors have not been sanded and sealed or refurbished for many years and have either a very worn seal (or no seal at all) resulting in the wood wearing and getting ingrained dirt and turning a dirty black colour. Or some school hall floors are sealed but not sanded so they have had several coats of oil based seal applied over the years which have "yellowed" with sunlight giving a dirty brown appearance. As more coats of seal are applied some areas can delaminate leaving sharp edges. The results are your school hall floor may be lacking in grip, beginning to splinter or suffering damage to the structure, and looking poor.

We sand and seal wood school hall floors to provide an excellent surface with good grip and an as new look (provided there are no deep indentations which cannot be sanded out). We sand all school hall floors with belt sanders (not drum sanders) to give a high quality smooth surface and finish with buffers. We have specialist extraction systems to leave minimal dust for a cleaner area and smoother end result and to eliminate time spent cleaning after. We seal school hall floors using seals that have been tested to exceed the requirements of BS7044 for providing a surface with the required grip.

The benefits of choosing TPS

  • A smooth surface sanded with the best quality sanding machines
  • Minimum take off to preserve the future life of the floor
  • Experienced staff with years of knowledge in how to sand different types of floor and different timber types
  • Edges fully blended in to the main area
  • The "right" seal for your requirements whether for high grip or excellent wear characteristics
  • Minimal dust created so minimal cleaning required
  • Fast and efficient service to minimize down time

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School Flooring – Highlighting Important Aspects of School Flooring

Commercial flooring found in schools is most commonly in the form of sports halls and gymnasiums and these often require repair by professionals. There are a number of important factors to consider when it comes to school flooring.
School flooring, in the form of gyms and sports halls, are invariably multipurpose surfacing and are subjected to considerable wear and tear. The heavy usage of school flooring often means that it will need to be assessed and repaired by commercial flooring specialists from time to time. It goes without saying that one of the most frequent forms of repair that is required for school flooring in sports halls is the relaying and reapplication of court markings and general repair to the surface of the flooring. Many different types of sports take place on school flooring ranging from basketball to 5-a-side football and when you bear in mind how much friction is created by the movement of hundreds of students each day, it is of little surprise that school flooring such as that found in gymnasiums and sports halls often becomes worn and damaged. By seeking the advice of commercial flooring professionals, it is possible to return school flooring to its original state.

School Flooring – Sports Halls Explained

The most prevalent form of school flooring provided by commercial flooring specialists is that of sports hall floors and they have many prerequisites that need to be adhered to and it is these features that often need repairing after a few years when school flooring has been become weathered through extensive usage. So far as school flooring found in sports halls and gymnasiums is concerned, the key concern in terms of damage has to be that of the line markings that separate the flooring into various courts such as badminton and basketball. The colour of school flooring chosen in sports halls and gymnasiums needs to be selected to reflect the overall design scheme and also dovetail with the lighting requirements. If school flooring becomes damaged and no longer meets these prerequisites, it is prudent to seek the advice of commercial flooring repair specialists who will carry out repairs to return school flooring to its previous condition.

School Flooring – Lines of Light

Laying the lines to indicate court marking is a specialist skill and requires the expertise of professionals in the field of commercial flooring. If court markings in gyms and sports halls no longer clearly designate the individual outlines for each sporting activity, there is a tangible need to employ the services of school flooring experts to re-colour and reapply the line markings. Such professionals will ensure that the right types of paints and materials are utilised in order to produce the optimum results.

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We are delighted to be considered one of the UK’s leading restorers of Granwood flooring and we have a well established and highly skilled team of Granwood flooring repair specialists. If you have suffered damage to your Granwood flooring, we are confident that we will be able to offer you a restoration proposal that will return your Granwood flooring to its previous condition. To find out more about our range of Granwood flooring repair services, contact us.






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